Operation Valentine is now complete thanks to Oregon  Soldiers’ Angels and their communities coming together to send love and support to Veterans during the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week.  Thank you to all the Valentine makers and Delivery Angels!  


Soldiers’ Angels  Nike sent in this note about her day spent with the Veterans at the Oregon Veteran’s Home in  The Dalles Oregon.  


“My husband and I had a wonderful time at the Oregon Veteran’s Home yesterday. Have you been out there? It’s a really nice facility with four identical wings (one of which is dedicated to Alheimer and dementia veterans). Brenda called me to tell me there were 151 beds, not 501. 150 was far more manageable. =)

We passed out cards and fruit snacks and visited with several of the veterans. Most of them were quite talkative and several had grown up in the area so told us stories about building the bridges and working in the cherry orchards. One woman was from Apple Valley in California, which is where my husband grew up. It’s a really tiny area that even people in Cali are unfamiliar with, so they swapped stories about the area and what they had in common. She used to work at the senior center that was around the corner from the church my father-in-law pastored for several years.

I was wearing my Soldiers’ Angels t-shirt, which proved to be a good conversation starter and everyone was interested in hearing about the organization and what we stand for. We really hit it off with a few of the veterans and hope to visit them again sometime soon. I’ve attached a picture my husband took (we were so caught up with visiting we only took one picture!) of the cookie decorating. Counterclockwise from the bottom right: Gary, activity assistant Rebecca, Ruth, Nike, Keith, Activity Director Ken, Jim, and I have forgotten the final woman’s name.


Soldiers Angels Nike & Husband visiting at the Oregon Veterans Home

Soldiers' Angels Nike & Husband visiting at the Oregon Veteran's Home

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