Face of America Bicycle Ride- Make a Banner for the Troops

Make a banner to support the troops

It’s that time again! The plans for Face of America Bicycle Ride 2009 have been finalized. The ride is taking place on April 25 & 26 from Bethesda MD to Gettysburg PA. Soldiers’ Angels works with World T.E.A.M. Sports by providing volunteers and support during the ride.

Face of America is a two-day inclusive bike ride of approximately 110 miles, creating a TEAM of people with and without disabilities. The ride is open to all—wounded, ill, active duty, civilians, young and old alike. This is a ride—not a race.

Banners! Banners are loved by the riders! Hung along the route and at rest stops, they offer encouragement and support to the riders. Banners can be made of any material ranging in size from a pillow case or tee shirt, to twin-size bed sheet. If you are interested in making and sending on a banner, please email Lisa Dixon at lisa-in-dc@earthlink.net for information and mailing instructions.