Luncheon at Ft. Lewis For Co founder & SFC Toby Nunn -You’re invited!

It are hosting a luncheon for Jeff Bader (co founder Soldiers’ Angels & SFC Toby Nunn, Soldier Liason/twice decorated Iraq Veteran and author of Northern DIsclosure)   Please rsvp if you’d like to be included in the guests or have suggestions for invites!



It will be worth the drive! 




Facebook and Twitter

In our efforts to keep connected and to increase our support efforts beyond what the main Soldiers’ Angels Forum can do,  Soldiers’ Angels Oregon has added Patti & Soldiers’ Angels approved,  Facebook page, Facebook group and Twitter Page.  I encourage you all to join…  These social networking sites  are great ways to ‘meet’ other angels, discuss projects and events you may be working on, brainstorm ideas or simply  see what’s coming up next in the state without having to dig for information or wait for an email.  By being a part of these Oregon State sites you not only can connect on a local level, but you will be directly connected (with a click) on the national level to the directors and official group. It’s a fast way to receive information! I love it!  These are great tools for strengthening a team and spreading the word of support!

Here are the links  Just click!  JOIN THEM ALL & SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG 🙂

Oregon Facebook Page  

Oregon Facebook Group

Oregon Twitter Page


For a few years Soldiers’ Angels has walked the parade route in Washington D.C. Memorial Day parade and distributed 10,000 American flags to spectators along the parade route for the course of the parade. Thousands of parade watchers wave flags as the floats and participants move along the downtown streets.

This year, Soldiers’ Angels invites all our CTL’s and Angels to ask your city hall if you can hand out little American flags at your local town’s parade. We encourage you to walk with your Angel team members, your family and friends. Maybe your local fire department would allow you to drape our Soldiers’ Angels banner across the side of their truck while walking the parade route to distribute flags to Veteran’s children, and adults along the route.

Thousands of people waving flags throughout the parade show America’s patriotism, and the city is proud of the community’s spirit as local groups, including Soldiers’ Angels, display American flags throughout the city on Memorial Day and throughout the year.

Join Soldiers’ Angels in celebrating Memorial Day across the nation by handing out American flags in your city. If interested
you must contact me with the name of your city and information about your cities parade.
Flags will be shipped to you to hand out along your cities parade route.
If your city will allow you to hand out flags, Soldiers’ Angels will provide each person on your team who hands out flags, one red Soldiers’ Angels t-shirt and a gold lapel pin. If you and your team are able to host a information table on the same day as your cities Memorial Day parade – a banner, thank you for service cards, and brochures will be shipped to you for your Soldiers’ Angels Information table.  We encourage you to take pictures on your Memorial Day Event.
A prize will be given to teams participating in this great event!
For more information, contact me. Caren Vink
Happy Angeling~

Caren Vink
Soldiers’ Angels
Vice President
National CTL Director



PORTLAND LISTINGS    >page 1 & 2

I haven’t found current listings for parades in Oregon, but I’ll keep looking. If anyone happens upon some , please email soldiersangelsoregon@gmail and I’ll add them.  This sounds like a great opportunity. Let me know if you’ll be participating!


Information from Oregon CTL Sherry Crenshaw…She needs you Angels!


We have 4 deployment ceremonies! Portland, Bend, Eugene, and Medford. Soldiers Angels are invited to all 4, to have a table set up and spread the word on what we do! 

Please Instruct the soldiers to sign up on our website, and show OR Natl guard. That way perhaps we can write them letters, and maybe adopt a few.

For those angels that can attend – any of the 4 locations. please notify Sherry Crenshaw -ctrlor06@gmail, and give me your t-shirt size. ASAP I needed this yesterday…..

I think what will happen the soldiers and families will mingle before the time of the cermony, This is the best time to talk with them, give them our card, and a hug.

The official ceremony will be formal with a lot of speeches and afterwards, most will leave, so its better to get there earlier, if possible. This will be the last 4 days they have with their families before they deploy. Then they go to more training, out of state, and deploy from there.

Portland – Be there at 8 Am no later than 8:30, we will have a table there, explaining what SA is all about. 

The 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team Deployment Ceremony will be held May 2nd at 09:00 – 10:00 at the Memorial Coliseum.
This is the Largest Deployment of the Oregon National Guard since WWII with over 3,000 soldiers.
Please mark your calendars for this send off. The soldiers are really looking forward to seeing us there. 

The Oregon National Guard is expecting about 5000 people. So lets show these Soldiers and their families that we will be here Standing watch on the home front for them!

Bend- May 2 – 2:00pm to 3pm.- possibly at MT View HS. I need to confirm this location.

We are invited to have a table, and talk with the soldiers and families. Lets have the table set-up by 1 and be there to mingle with the soldiers and families.

Eugene- May 4 the 1-162 Infantry at 9:00 AM, Lane County Fairgrounds lets be there at 8 Am, to mingle and spread the word.

Medford- May 4 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. 1-186 Battalion, 02:00 PM lets setup at 1pm and mingle.
I apoligize if I have these the numbers wrong for the different battalions. I am having trouble reading my writing, oops.
thank you angels for all that you do, and I hope to see you at these events.  


Soldiers Angels has been invited to the National Tea Party Day, at Pioneer Courthouse Square. by Rosie Gagnon’s.  She wants more attention to Support the Troops and has offered for us to have a table, at this National Tea Party Day Ralley, Patti has approved for us to be at this event.
So Angels we need to show up, and explain what SA is, does, and sign up angels.  I will bring a table, banner, care package,  I will try to print out some business cards, I have my trifold of pictures from Iraq/Afganistan. We will be talking to people who want a way to support the troops. They will make announcements during the event, to come by our table and sign up. If you have a SA tshirt, please wear it, it will catch people’s attention. It will also be announced on a radio station to come by.
Please let me know if you can attend, it starts at 6pm, due to the crowd expected, several thousand, she suggests we be there at 5, I hope to try to get there by 4:30, That way I might find parking, drop off the table, etc, etc.
This protest rally will be held at the same time around the US. It should be an interesting evening, lol.
Please contact Sherry  at   

National Guard Deployment Ceremonies

NATIONAL GUARD DEPLOYMENT CEREMONIES COMING UP IN MAY   NEED YOUR HELP ANGELS!  These are Deployment Ceremonies in Oregon, but Washington Angels are Welcome.   For Deployment ceremonies in Washington, please let us know if you are interested at      


Soldiers’ Angels has been invited to several Deployment Ceremonies in May. If you’d like to participate by helping at the Soldiers’ Angels Tables or by mingling with the Soldiers and giving them all a great send off then please Let us know!  Contact Sherry Crenshaw  your Oregon CTL to let her know and obtain further details on locations and times.   Ceremonies usually last an hour. This is a great chance to let everyone know Soldiers’ Angels is ready to support these deploying Warriors. What an absolutely wonderful connector to the Soldiers, families, community  and military support professionals!  Sherry’s email is ctlor06 @   Thanks angels!

A Great Day in Washington for Veterans

Veteran’s groups including  IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) were at the White House Today when President Obama , Defense Secretary Gates, and  VA Secretary Shinseki anounced their support for two important initiatives that will have an incredible impact on the lives of Veterans.   The following is from an email I received from   Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of IAVA and I encourage you to keep the pressure on to make sure these promises are followed through on to make them a reality. 


From Paul….

I visited the White House today, and I have some great news that I wanted to share with you right away.

This morning I joined President Obama, VA Secretary Shinseki, and Defense Secretary Gates as they announced their support for two major initiatives that will have an enormous impact on the lives of our nation’s veterans. Both of the programs are top legislative priorities for IAVA this year.

Please take a minute to watch a quick interview I did on CNN right after the announcement, and to voice your support for these developments.

The first is a new program called the “Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record Initiative.” It’s a complicated name for a critical change that is long over-due, and it will help bring the VA and DOD healthcare systems into the 21st century.

Right now, there is no easy process for transferring servicemembers’ medical records from the DOD to the VA when they leave active duty. As a result, some of our most seriously wounded troops are suffering through redundant tests, misdiagnoses, and delayed treatment. This initiative will make medical and military records electronic and transferable, meaning a more streamlined, less bureaucratic process for our injured troops.

But this isn’t just a matter of eliminating red tape. This change impacts the health, and lives, of the men and women who have served our country.

The second major initiative is advance funding for VA healthcare, which was the main focus of our annual “Storm the Hill” trip last February. For nineteen of the last twenty-two years, the VA budget has been passed late, forcing the nation’s largest healthcare provider to ration care. Imagine trying to plan for next month’s bills without knowing the size of your next paycheck.That’s what veterans hospitals do almost every year. Today’s announcement is a major step towards ending that cycle.

Click here to watch a brief video of me on CNN after the news broke, and thank the administration for focusing on these two issues.

Today has been a great day for our men and women in uniform. We’re proud to have been a part of this landmark announcement, and we’re looking forward to making sure today’s promises become tomorrow’s reality.

Thank you for standing with us.



Paul Rieckhoff
Iraq Veteran
Executive Director & Founder
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)