Soldiers Angels has been invited to the National Tea Party Day, at Pioneer Courthouse Square. by Rosie Gagnon’s.  She wants more attention to Support the Troops and has offered for us to have a table, at this National Tea Party Day Ralley, Patti has approved for us to be at this event.
So Angels we need to show up, and explain what SA is, does, and sign up angels.  I will bring a table, banner, care package,  I will try to print out some business cards, I have my trifold of pictures from Iraq/Afganistan. We will be talking to people who want a way to support the troops. They will make announcements during the event, to come by our table and sign up. If you have a SA tshirt, please wear it, it will catch people’s attention. It will also be announced on a radio station to come by.
Please let me know if you can attend, it starts at 6pm, due to the crowd expected, several thousand, she suggests we be there at 5, I hope to try to get there by 4:30, That way I might find parking, drop off the table, etc, etc.
This protest rally will be held at the same time around the US. It should be an interesting evening, lol.
Please contact Sherry  at   

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