Information from Oregon CTL Sherry Crenshaw…She needs you Angels!


We have 4 deployment ceremonies! Portland, Bend, Eugene, and Medford. Soldiers Angels are invited to all 4, to have a table set up and spread the word on what we do! 

Please Instruct the soldiers to sign up on our website, and show OR Natl guard. That way perhaps we can write them letters, and maybe adopt a few.

For those angels that can attend – any of the 4 locations. please notify Sherry Crenshaw -ctrlor06@gmail, and give me your t-shirt size. ASAP I needed this yesterday…..

I think what will happen the soldiers and families will mingle before the time of the cermony, This is the best time to talk with them, give them our card, and a hug.

The official ceremony will be formal with a lot of speeches and afterwards, most will leave, so its better to get there earlier, if possible. This will be the last 4 days they have with their families before they deploy. Then they go to more training, out of state, and deploy from there.

Portland – Be there at 8 Am no later than 8:30, we will have a table there, explaining what SA is all about. 

The 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team Deployment Ceremony will be held May 2nd at 09:00 – 10:00 at the Memorial Coliseum.
This is the Largest Deployment of the Oregon National Guard since WWII with over 3,000 soldiers.
Please mark your calendars for this send off. The soldiers are really looking forward to seeing us there. 

The Oregon National Guard is expecting about 5000 people. So lets show these Soldiers and their families that we will be here Standing watch on the home front for them!

Bend- May 2 – 2:00pm to 3pm.- possibly at MT View HS. I need to confirm this location.

We are invited to have a table, and talk with the soldiers and families. Lets have the table set-up by 1 and be there to mingle with the soldiers and families.

Eugene- May 4 the 1-162 Infantry at 9:00 AM, Lane County Fairgrounds lets be there at 8 Am, to mingle and spread the word.

Medford- May 4 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. 1-186 Battalion, 02:00 PM lets setup at 1pm and mingle.
I apoligize if I have these the numbers wrong for the different battalions. I am having trouble reading my writing, oops.
thank you angels for all that you do, and I hope to see you at these events.  


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