For a few years Soldiers’ Angels has walked the parade route in Washington D.C. Memorial Day parade and distributed 10,000 American flags to spectators along the parade route for the course of the parade. Thousands of parade watchers wave flags as the floats and participants move along the downtown streets.

This year, Soldiers’ Angels invites all our CTL’s and Angels to ask your city hall if you can hand out little American flags at your local town’s parade. We encourage you to walk with your Angel team members, your family and friends. Maybe your local fire department would allow you to drape our Soldiers’ Angels banner across the side of their truck while walking the parade route to distribute flags to Veteran’s children, and adults along the route.

Thousands of people waving flags throughout the parade show America’s patriotism, and the city is proud of the community’s spirit as local groups, including Soldiers’ Angels, display American flags throughout the city on Memorial Day and throughout the year.

Join Soldiers’ Angels in celebrating Memorial Day across the nation by handing out American flags in your city. If interested
you must contact me with the name of your city and information about your cities parade.
Flags will be shipped to you to hand out along your cities parade route.
If your city will allow you to hand out flags, Soldiers’ Angels will provide each person on your team who hands out flags, one red Soldiers’ Angels t-shirt and a gold lapel pin. If you and your team are able to host a information table on the same day as your cities Memorial Day parade – a banner, thank you for service cards, and brochures will be shipped to you for your Soldiers’ Angels Information table.  We encourage you to take pictures on your Memorial Day Event.
A prize will be given to teams participating in this great event!
For more information, contact me. Caren Vink
Happy Angeling~

Caren Vink
Soldiers’ Angels
Vice President
National CTL Director



PORTLAND LISTINGS    >page 1 & 2

I haven’t found current listings for parades in Oregon, but I’ll keep looking. If anyone happens upon some , please email soldiersangelsoregon@gmail and I’ll add them.  This sounds like a great opportunity. Let me know if you’ll be participating!


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  1. I too am having dificulty finding a Memorial Day Parade in my area. This is the best link I found from Salem.

    It lists activities across Oregon. It doesn’t seem to cover the White City Memorial Day Parade or any other. Why doesn’t Oregon, especially Southern Oregon, have (or list having) Memorial Parades?


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