So Proud… a deployment reflection

By Angel Kendra Abraham  (Thanks so much for sharing Kendra)


“As the girlfriend of a deploying Soldier, attending the deployment ceremony this year had a different effect on me than it did 5 years ago as a sister of a deploying soldier. Together, with my soldier, and his 3 children, we arrived at the fairgrounds early for the rehearsal. David disappeared and met up with his unit, A CO. 2/162. His children and I, ages 9, 10 and 17 went into the convention center and found our seats. We watched the units do 3 run-throughs of how the ceremony would run. I felt emotional watching all of the soldiers stand at attention, then at parade rest, knowing that while I’m watching this from my point-of-view there were many other moms and dads, wives, girlfriends and children watching their dads and even some mom’s stand tall and proud for this next step in their journey as National Guardsmen.


The ceremony started right at 9 am. Emotionally, I’m doing ok, no tears, just this immensely strong feeling of how proud I am of my soldier, of this man I’ve known for a year and a half. This man I called my best friend before we evolved into a relationship.


The official party consisted of The Honorable Governor Ted Kulingoski, Congressman Peter DeFazio, Commander of the 41st Infantry Brigade Team, Dan Hokanson, Springfield Mayor Sid Liekin,  and Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy. Battalion 2/162 presented Gov. Kulongoski with the unit colors for him to hang in the capital while the unit is deployed, in return, Gov. Kulongsoski presented Battalion 2/162 with the Oregon state flag to fly wherever the units are stationed overseas. 

Short and precise speeches consisting of how proud this State and community is of our National Guard troops were spoken by all who were part of the official party. The ceremony ended with a song written by two young ladies when their father was deployed at an earlier time. The official party exited to the Army song.


Only after the ceremony was over, did I allow my emotions to spill over and I realized that I face the next year without my friend, my support. I can do this, I’m a single mom, but there’s something about having him here that makes life just a smidgen easier. But I know that this is what he wants to do, he WANTS to serve his country and he wants to go overseas and help and protect wherever he may be. And I will stand here, waiting, supporting, knowing that the best and most loving thing I can and want to do, is to make sure that he knows he’s loved and that we are all proud of who he is and what he is doing.”

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God








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