“All Gave Some” shared by Veteran Brian Cairns

Thank you for your Service Brian, and thank you for sharing this special message…….



An 18 year old postpones a college education so that an Iraqi child might go to school in safety and freedom.

A Doctor and a Dentist gave time away from their private practices in order to bind wounds and give smiles to Afghan villagers who have never had health care.

A veteran police officer forgoes the benefit of a comfortable retirement so that a faraway land might have competent and capable security forces.

A newlywed sacrifices time with an adored husband or wife so that another married couple will not endure the separation of deployment.

A “Biker” who spends extra time on the road to ensure that military funerals are not dishonored by those who think that there is nothing worth fighting for… or think that it’s “patriotic” to protest in front of grieving families.


An American Medic takes a fatal wound while rescuing a wounded Afghan soldier who could not make it to safety.

A medical teams’ vehicle is destroyed by a roadside bomb while returning from a humanitarian visit to an ont of the way village.

A platoon sergeant that will not leave his position until all his soldiers are out of danger…


After thirty years of military service I have seen and heard of many examples of giving and giving all. The examples I’ve shared above are real life. Like it or not, we are a nation at war.

I served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am grateful to the Patriot Riders who were there when I left, and who were there when I came home. I am grateful and proud of my wife who kept me in her heart and prayers – and who stood up to antiwar protesters for my honor and the nobility of my mission. I am deeply indebted to the Vietnam veterans who have done so much to see to it that me and my “band of brothers” received the “welcome home” that they never received when they returned home. Most of all, I thank God for His protection which brought me through two combat tours without a scratch and never having to fire my weapon in self defense.


Brian Cairns


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