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A letter to Angels and all who love the troops…

Dear Friends,

It is heartbreaking when we lose a warrior on the battlefield, and even more devastating when it happens in an act of violence while they seem to be safe at home. As you probably know, in Arkansas this week, two soldiers who had just begun their service were attacked by a fellow American. Soldiers’ Angels is already working hard to give what comfort we can to the families, recruiters, and others involved–please read on to see how you can support them and their families and friends.

At 23 years of age, William Long was a bit older than the average recruit, but he had obviously decided to stand up and be counted as a defender of his country during wartime.  Perhaps he made his decision with the example of his father–a former Marine–in mind.  Fresh out of boot camp, he was back in his hometown to help the soldiers who had recruited him by sharing his experience of becoming a soldier with friends and acquaintances.  Less is known about Quinton Ezeagwula at this time, who fortunately was only wounded and is expected to recover.  But the same can be said for him–he had the courage and patriotism to volunteer for the military during wartime, and he had been selected to share his story.  Both of them had been recruited by soldiers who worked in that recruiting center.

These two great young men and the recruiters who signed them up are just a sample of the heroes who have stood up to protect us, whose stories are not broadcast so loudly see days.  But they are all still out there, serving quietly far away or right here at home as they keep the commitment they made when they signed up for military service in wartime.  And they need to know Americans are supporting them.  In the middle of this heartbreak, we can stand up and show our support and solidarity with these heroes.  If you would like to write a note of encouragement and appreciation to the recruiters in the station where the shooting occurred, please send a card or letter to the following:

Army-Navy Career Center
U.S. Army Recruiting
9112 N Rodney Parham Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72205

You can also show your support right in your neighborhood, as other recruiting stations of all branches are certainly feeling sympathy and concern for their brothers in Arkansas.  In this time when the actions of our tremendous servicemen and women aren’t always getting the attention they deserve, a thank you and a small gift is a great way to let them know that we remember them and are grateful for their service.  Try dropping by your local recruiting station with a dozen donuts and some gourmet grounds to stock the office coffee pot, or maybe have a couple pizzas delivered and bring some sodas and cups/plates.  If you’ve got kids, cards and drawings from them would certainly be appreciated.  Recruiting is a difficult job even in the best of circumstances, and these days taking the time to thank them for their hard work is a great way to show your support!

More than ever, we need to be sure the brave men and women of the American military know they have our support and undying gratitude.  Let’s stand up and shower them in love and appreciation!


Soldiers’ Angels

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