Traveling Wall and Exhibit of 1,000 Flags Made a Memorable event in Albany

Found this article in the Salem-News by Tim King  Wish I had been there, but would love to hear from those who made the trek. 

ALBANY, Ore.) – A spectacular tribute to the nation’s military was in Albany last week at Timber Linn Park, which already has an area dedicated in honor of American veterans.


War Memorial, Traveling Vietnam Wall, Albany, Oregon 7-18-09


Dog tag of a U.S. Marine, Blake
Magaoay, killed at Fallujah in ’04

  A miniature but complete version of the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. was constructed on the Albany park grounds and thousands made the trip to pay honor to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while fighting in the Vietnam War.

Accompanying that tribute are panels of dog tags of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That honor extended to include all veterans, and the top phrase just might have been, “Welcome Home”. It sounds good to anyone who has ever been to war.

The event is the brainchild of a WWII Navy veteran named Garner Pool, who says he complained until people listened, and eventually reconstructed the park to honor veterans, specifically from Linn County, Oregon, but also all wars.

Several hundred motorcycles escorted the Wall to the park and local residents put it all together. One of the event’s organizers, Tanya Kramer, says everyone that pitched in was either a veteran, or a family member of one.

“It’s a big family of really great people,” she said.

A local Marine Corps recruiter, Sgt. Charles Bates, told it was an honor to receive a special medal being issued to Oregon veterans, alongside people who fought in previous wars like Vietnam. Bates has served two tours in Iraq.

Saturday, July 18th, was the biggest day for the event, and it was open 24-hours a day once constructed. A fly-by Saturday afternoon passed in a missing man formation, signifying the loss of an aviator.

It is a sobering reality check, along with the bagpipes and the 21-gun salute, that leaves few eyes dry.

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