America’s Giving Challenge

Our cause just entered in America’s Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000!

Please donate today:;

To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the most donations to our cause (every person can donate once per day and have it count as a unique donation). We can also win daily awards of $1,000 and $500 if we can get the most people to donate in any 24-hour period. The great thing about this Challenge is that it doesn’t matter how much you give, but instead how much you do to encourage friends and family to get involved in our cause. We all need to come together and start promoting the cause if we want to win.

Each of us has tons of friends on Facebook who we can ask to donate to our cause. But let’s think big too—can you put our cause in your email signature, can you throw a party and get people to donate through the cause when they enter, can you organize other people to go out and fundraise from all of their friends? As you reach out to your friends be sure to tell them why this cause matters to you. The possibilities are endless so let’s talk about what we can do to win on the Wall of the cause or by replying to this bulletin.

I think we can do it! But it’s going to take all of us. Check out the Giving Challenge (;, then visit our cause to see how we’re doing so far and get involved.

Donate right now by going to;

Let’s win $50,000 for our cause!



All across the nation on Saturday, October 3rd, community yard/garage sales will take place to support Soldiers’ Angels. To find out if there is one in your area – click here

Yard Sales for Troops Unite Nation Soldiers’ Angels Volunteers Raise Money for Support Projects PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Across the country this weekend, Americans are uniting in support of the troops through the First Annual Soldiers’ Angels Sale-abration. In metropolitan areas, small towns and on military bases, from Alaska to Florida and Southern California to Vermont, patriots are raising money for troop support activities through community-based yard sales. Angel volunteers organizing each Sale will be donating a percentage of their profits to Soldiers’ Angels, helping to support deployed or wounded soldiers. The grassroots Sales are sponsored by military support nonprofit Soldiers’ Angels, whose motto is “May No Soldier Go Unloved.” An award-winning organization with nearly 200,000 hands-on volunteers around the world, Soldiers’ Angels assists active duty, wounded, veterans, military families through over 30 separate teams and projects. Angels participating in Sale-abration are working on two missions: raising money for the Soldiers’ Angels Holidays for Heroes and Project Valour-IT, and introducing their neighbors to the variety of hands-on ways they can demonstrate their support for America’s military men and women. At each Sale, customers will find blankets and 300 holiday cards on which to write greetings for the troops, and Soldiers’ Angels bracelets will go to the first 25 customers at each site. Sale-abration coordinator Greta Perry has been amazed by the response Soldiers’ Angels has received to this first-time event. “We figured 10 would be a good goal for the first year. To have 80 is just fantastic. Our volunteers really want to bring attention to Soldiers’ Angels in their community, to draw others into actively supporting the troops. So many people are looking for ways to support our heroes, and this is a great opportunity to learn how by connecting with people who are already doing it.” For more information, including a list of Sale-abration locations, see Established in 2003, Soldiers’ Angels is a nationwide volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as veterans and military families. For more information, or call 615-676-0239. Tax ID# 20-0583415, CFC#25131.

Vote for Soldiers’ Angels – $25,000 Social Media Makeover

$25,000 for Social Media
With just a couple of clicks, you can help Soldiers’ Angels win a $25,000 social media “makeover!”  Just type “Soldiers’ Angels” into the box at the link and follow the directions.  

Twitter, Facebook, and other interactive online platforms are one of the most potent ways to advocate, motivate, and spread the news these days.  Soldiers’ Angels is an Internet-based organization, and having an expert makeover on the social media side of things would help SA reach out even more effectively to inspire Americans to support our heroes and make sure “No Soldier Go Unloved.”  
Marcelle Turner, CEO of MindComet says, “Our hope is that the campaign will bring the participating organizations some national awareness through affiliation with the program, provide their constituents a focused mission to champion, and will ultimately result in a nationwide uplift in charitable giving driven by the power of social media.” 
The contest, created by interactive agency MindComet and dubbedCommuniCause, runs through July 31st.  At the conclusion, a winner will be selected at random from the ten highest vote-getters. One vote per email is counted, but the length of the campaign gives supporters the opportunity to spread the word about the contest through email, personal websites, and relationships within their local community.  

In addition to voting, supporters can place a badge on their website, or use Twitter to compile votes through “re-tweets” (@CommuniCause #cause2255).  Click here and scroll down for details.  

Competition began April 27, so Soldiers’ Angels has some catching up to do! But we’ve got a great word-of-mouth “ground game,” so the Top Ten isn’t out of reach.  Let’s make it happen!,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=348&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=15